Hello readers.

What I’m going to share today is one of my favorite movie- Inception. Inception is a genius work of art and creativity. Incorporate science into a movie, and TARRAAA -Inception- is what you get.

I’ll give you a brief synopsis. Nope, this is not taken from google.

Inception means to plant an idea into someones mind. The story begins with Cobb and Arthur working for a company- this company demands them to steal information from someones dream- and that person is Saito.

Saito sensed something is wrong , he realized it was a dream so Cobb and Arthur failed the mission. Saito offered Cobb the inception job , and Cobb accept it. Cobb make it clear it would be his last job because he wanted to go home.

So, he set up a team of inception with Arthur, Yusuf, Ariedne and Eames. And of course, Saito wanted to join to make sure the job is done. As the plots continues, Ariedne found out that Cobb had a dangerous subconscious. And entering dream with dangerous subconscious was a threat to others in a shared dream.

They finished the job eventually. Cobb managed his subconscious and they succeed in planting and idea to a man named Fisher. Also, the ending supposed to be that Cobb finally arrived home and meet his children. But , it is a debatable ending so it is up to your perception through out the whole movie.

I say, Christopher Nolan- you’re a genius!

The hardest part for me in this movie, is to choose my favorite character. Because they all worked together so well! I mean, you can minus one character and you cannot proceed the plot.

So, I decided to choose Ariedne. She played a very important role as she was the first one to figure out about Cobb’s problems. She was the only female character yet she possessed a very strong personality. She wasn’t a weak person that needed to be support whatsoever. You can tell that she was independent.She was an architecture student with wonderful ideas and she designed the landscape of the dream- including every tiny detail.

My favorite part of her was when she messed up with physics in a dream. You know this scene if you watch it. She flipped the whole city to become a roof and she build a bridge from a reflection in a mirror. Such a quick learner.

My other favorite part- is her character with Arthur. Arthur is a pretty sly gentleman. He once tricked her to kiss him-making her believe by doing that it will stop the projection from looking at them. But then, Ariedne was gullible for the moment and that scene was an absolute cute.

As much as Arthur is a charmer, the most attractive character will always be Eames. I don’t know why , maybe his British accent. However, thumbs up for everyone worked in Inception.

We all love Christopher’s movies. He’s born to do this.

Speaking about the idea of inception, if inception is something scientist capable of, I would willingly volunteer to participate as a subject. I myself would like to discover things I might hide subconsciously and I would like to see how my subconscious create my projection. The best part I guess, is seeing what others are dreaming of.

At the end of the day, we would all share the same dream.


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