Educate-like a boss. HAHA

Hello lettori,

Mom and grandma had a thing for kitchen utensils. Name it, Tupperware and Corelle . Stuff like that. They had a collection of those kept neatly in the cabinet.

I wonder when I’m at their age, would I have such addiction?

It have to be around that age, because pheww. Expensive man! Really expensive.

However, what could be more expensive than their beloved plates and cups? Their children.

When I was little, mom would told me to help her with house chores. But all I wanted to do was play. So, I would be kinda grumpy and do the job anyway, not sincerely. There is this one time, she had dinner that night. She was preparing herself for that event and I was in the kitchen washing dishes.

Suddenly, PRANGGGGGG!!!!

I dropped all her beloved Corelle plates.Not really all, 5 plates maybe. “I’m so dead. Gosh, all of these is the same amount of my 4 months allowances. No way I’ll be able to compensate”.

She came to the kitchen. She didn’t say anything. She smiled and walked away. She leave me speechless and stoned to the floor. When your mom is quiet, that is much scarier than when she nag.”I had no idea what just happened”.

Nobody said anything for years.

Around 6 years later, when she picked me up from my hostel. I finally had the courage to ask her.

“Mak, kenapa tak pernah marah Ija masa Ija pecahkan semua pinggan kesayangan mak tu?”

“Kerana harga sebuah pengalaman untuk anak mak lebih mahal daripada mana-mana pinggan mangkuk yang mak boleh beli”.

Such thought stabbed me deep inside.I’ll keep that in mind forever. Now, my worries would be to pursue degree : Where and what? I did ask her one time, how can we afford if there’s no scholarship and it was an overseas program?

“Belajar tu tanggungjawab ija, biar mak ayah yang fikir pasal duit. Kita akan ikhtiar macam mana pun janji anak dapat belajar”

It’s not the money I’m worried about. It’s the pain,struggle and effort they made, just to provide all of us the education we need. They taught us education is not just from school, but education is a lifelong process.You will always learn,learn and learn.

Never take your parents for granted. When its prayer time, pray together. Kiss their hands and always hug them as if it is your last.

Learn to do things for them without they even ask. Learn to call them every single day, and treat them well. Also, treat everyone nicely.Even if they are your enemy, or they hurt you. Because your attitude reflects how your parents educate you.

Show everyone the best manners.

Thank you.




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