In mission for vision

Hello lecteurs.

Before I start, answer yourself? What is your vision?

It have always been a must for me to wonder what are other people vision. You can put me in the middle of McDonalds and I can sit there for hours profiling everyone.

Maybe instead of applying for medics, I should just join a private investigator and become his apprentice. Searching all over crime scenes, interviewing suspects, read through the criminal mind and chemically prove every evident. That doesn’t sound so bad at all.

I’ll be Dr Watson to my own Sherlock Holmes. Wait, Sherlock Holmes partner is a physician. Alright, forget what I just said. I’ll take medic please. No more apprentice, take me as a partner instead.

Back to my former point, vision.

My dear friend from former school, he have this vision to become a successful lawyer. A lawyer who will sacrifice all his time and energy to put a balance to the justice of scale. And I’ll do what I’ve always do. I told him all the negative aspects of being a lawyer.

I’m such a terrible friend, am I?

I told him the risk of defending a guilty person.I told him the mistakes he could have done. I have try my best in making him feel bad about his vision.

But he didn’t sway at all. He acknowledged it and he took it as challenges he would face, he would always stick to his vision. That’s how I know how strong his vision is. And you my friend, you have earn my respect. *bow 30 degree

Some person I met recently, have a very simple vision.

He is tired of what so ever surrounding him, he found them not satisfying. What he wanted in his life right now something that could please him, a new environment that could provide him a new spirit. He would like to experience something different.

In short, he told me he wanted to go oversea.

As simple as it seem, a vision is still a vision. A kind of vision that I’m looking forward as well. I wouldn’t say everyone is looking forward to it, because some people with conservative thinking, they are much comfortable with what they already had. Their vision would be different than those who are slightly liberal.

Vision can be limited or lifelong. Depends on what you’re looking for in life.

My vision? Well, do your own profiling on me.


Nope, I didn’t see my name anywhere.

Thank you, Assalamualaikum.


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