Time out from class

Hola lectores.

Today, I would like to share several pleasant things that happened to me and my friends during classes , and I’m pretty sure if you’re a student, you will probably relate.

When we had two hours straight of lectures, I always told myself, “Alright this time I’m going to focus in this class!” It only last for 30 minutes.

Yeah, I guess I had a short-term focus.

So, the only best cure is when our lecturer said “Take 5”.

That is when everything begin. Back in Palam, Kamila and I would sneak out from class and went to the kiosk nearby. We bought some hotdog and teh tarik. The kiosk served the most delicious hotdog in the world, I’m serious about this.

For RM2, I would get a hotdog bun larger than an iPhone 5 with a barbeque sauce and mayo swirl like a *double helix on top of it. Regular size of sausages but when you eat it, everything just well combined, it gives you the savory kick on your tongue. Something that makes you awake, at least to survive those lectures.

In Dengkil, we would drop by the grocery and bought nips, the purple ones. So we would have that suprising taste everytime we eat. Kamila doesn’t like the peanuts, so it’s a fun games to figure out which one is nuts and which one is raisin.

Other pleasant moment would be when we receive whatsapp messages from our class representatives.

“Class cancel”. HORAAYY. That means we all should go home and studyyyyyyyyyyysssssleeeeeeppppppp. Sleep I guess. hehe. Farhanah would probably sleep, no definitely sleep.

FinalLabPHY (30)

Sassy clique

*double helix- a structure of DNA or you should just google.

Thats all for today. Thank you.



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