So much for being 18

Aloha readers !

What does being 18 means to you guys?

For me, I guess yeah we just officially address ourselves as adults.However, it was also a year of struggling within our inner self. To figure out what do we want to do in our lives, and to wander around and think whether our decision was worth it or not.

We all have been there. Lying on our bed , staring at the ceiling and our thoughts just running around trying to make sense of the reality. The reality of what our future would be.

What job would we have, would we afford to buy house, would we be happy?

One after another, some of us are even caught in a puppy love. Perhaps true love. You never know.

I’m a normal human being as well, I had a crush, I fell in love, I’m just like everyone else with my age.

The difference is how do we deal with it?

A group of people rather be straightforward about themselves and chase for whoever they want. Some are being shy but they always give a slight hint. Others rather not think about it, decided to ignore it and move on.

I’m in the group of “I’ll just pretend all this never happen”.

You may call it ego, but I couldn’t find any strength to fight for things I’m unsure of.

Sometimes I thought, yeah he’s worth it. Why not?

But, I end up disappointing myself anyway. Maybe because I look too highly on someone. I read books about certain public figures, I found them very mesmerizing and inspiring. I make them my mentor hoping to become like one.

I’m looking highly on everyone.

When I meet other people, I kept in my mind “these people in front of me are great people”.

But then, you observe how they treat other people. They called their friends with bad names and words, not knowing that every little words coming out of their mouth is a prayer.

You watch how they handle their problems. You thought they would be very patient, but the only thing you see is whining and complaining.

I see these kind of people around me. They are nice people but honestly every time they act like that it breaks my heart a little. Even though it got nothing to do with me.I’m such a busybody , am I?

It hurts me, because deep down I knew this is not what Rasulullah SAW had taught us. This is not what Islam has taught us.

Islam taught us to call people with good names. Rasulullah SAW is a person who respect everyone equally regardless of that person religion. Even if that person was a jewish, he never make fun of people and he treat everyone very well. He was always being fair.

So, why would you call your friend with bad names my dear friend? Plus, we are all muslims.

And every time you complain, I wonder if it crossed your mine that Allah only test the servant that Allah love. You should be saying Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.

But, if I watch carefully. Some of them shows sign of remorse. They knew their wrongdoings , and regret every of it. Some are even much better.  But deep inside, it was also unfair for me to judge people easily.

I knew how bad it felt when people misjudge you. I’ve been there.

Some people might behave recklessly , but who knows? One day they change, and they are much of a better person. I’ll keep that in mind.

An “ulama” did give an advice, why he was always humble among every one despite him being a very religious person. Because when he look at other people, he told himself that he was looking at the face of the people who enters the heaven. And he thought that he might be or might not be one of those people.

Always respect people. Be optimistic. Be humble.

Mahalo. Assalamualaikum.



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