Hello readers ,

Had been few weeks since I left UITM Dengkil, but I’m missing it already. I would usually wake up at 4.30 and do what I have to do. At 5, I would already be at my table revising something or finish my tutorials.

Okay, I lied.I never finish tutorial. But , I did some of it so I guess it’s okay.

At 6, my housemates would drag me to PI( Pusat Islam) aka “surau”. Or maybe it was me who drag them? After PI around 6.45 , we would go jogging or brisk walking. It was splendid , the air was fresh , cool and humid. Much better rather than the air conditioning in the lectures. So, we pretty much went for a few rounds and go home. After that, just the usual hectic morning of ironing and preparing for class.

That was too general , is it?

Ever since sem 1, my dear friend Kamila would come to my house and we would study. If you are reading this, yes my life seems so intense and boring. But no it is not. Studying with Kamila is like opening your own Mamak stall, it was loud , we had coffee, tea, foods everywhere but everyone like Mamak stall! I know I do.

She would text me beforehand “What should I bring?” I would reply , wait I got many replies . Alright then you don’t have to know what I replied. Our study session would be like this :

Me: Okay , so today we should focus…bla bla bla

Kamila: *makes pun


Me: Alright lets get back to our topic

5 minutes later, we repeat the same thing. Until 6 AM. The study session feels like a therapy because no matter how hard the subject was, being with a friend makes everything much easier.

On the day she didn’t come, I would have study group with my housemates Aishah or Nabeela. And yeah, the same thing happened. Can you imagine all this happened throughout the whole semester?

I am so in love with my morning.

During the weekends, after jogging session we would just go to Anjung Dengkil (cafeteria) and we thought we were healthy enough so we had roti canai and  teh tarik. Marvelous! Perfect combination of adding cholesterol and risk of heart diseases to yourself.

Good job Iza!

But indeed this is just another Malaysian thing. Please do not make it your habit.

Riadahroticanai (12)

That view when you jog

But there were exceptions, occasionally we were all so messed up we didn’t go to PI and we slept after subuh. Woke up at 9 , felt guilty and decided not to study for the day. After all those reading, revising, studying , sometimes we all need a time out.

My point here is : If you have Kamila in your life, you don’t need laughing gas. Eh?


Okay real points. Use your morning wisely – there’s so much you can do at that time.

Thank you. Assalamualaikum.


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