こんにちは読者 , Konnichiwa dokusha

My dear friend whom I met exactly on 12 March 2013. She was also born on that date in year 1997. This post is dedicated for my dear princess.

You see we all have flaws. How could you run from one?

That year on 2013, I hit rock bottom , I fell so deep that I even passed Bikini Bottom (if you watch Spongebob) and still rolled down to the very end. That thick black part of the ocean where you couldn’t see anything at all, yeah that part.

For a moment, I thought I saw wreckage of titanic. Alright, too much metaphor.

Back then, I did numerous of terrible mistakes. You name it, I was pretty much Regina George to everyone else. To make things worse, someone I really love had left me. For the first time in my life, I had no one that I could borrow a shoulder and at least cry.

People were punishing me bluntly, they didn’t even tell me what I did wrong. It hurts so much when you figured out things yourself, and it broke my heart entirely knowing that the people I trust most was behind this.

What I was expecting , if I did wrong, at least they will be the first to acknowledge and help me fix it , rather than punish me entirely. Bygones will be bygones.

I was discourage , I lost confident and I had no friends at all. Except for my dear princess and Anis.

However, this post is for dear princess so let’s go back to main idea.

She hug me the way I wish people do. My parents weren’t there of course, ever since boarding school become a lifestyle, I learn not to depend much on them.

Dear princess hug me and tell me, it’s okay. Be patient , Allah loves me. Why would she stay beside a Regina George and help her? She was everything I could ever ask from Allah at that time. Having one friend that didn’t judge you, love you, care for you despite whatsoever nonsense was completely a life saver.

Until today, and every single day I’m still breathing , never once have I forget about her. I miss her terribly and sometimes I wish she is next to me , so I could hug her once again. Tell her I’m sorry, thank her for everything and tell her I love her so much.

I could still recall, when there was nobody next to me and I got scared during the nights, she would sleep next to me. When we both got nothing to do, we would lie down and sang Taylor Swift songs. In the evening, we went jogging around the school.

In the morning she woke me up for prayer. She would ask me out during meal hours, so we would eat together. We always carry books everywhere we go, and simply share what we had read. She’s full with motivation and optimistic vibe. And yes, she idolize japanese singers.


Everybody loves her.

We lost contact of each other. But, I would keep her in my soul, she had made me who I am today, she is simply wonderful. A true princess she is. We said we would do umrah together in the future, with Allah wills, I hope so. I am looking forward for it.

Thank you. Assalamualaikum.





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