Suddenly it crossed my mind

There are many kinds of women on the earth and we can just categorized them into groups, and when I say category , I meant behavior. Some are adorable and some look like they want to eat you. Cannibalism is forbidden here.Although women can be very complicated and irrational at times before period , we all have that simple side of us people might not even notice.

Most of the times, I am envious of those women who giggles at the slightest joke and their smile brings warmth to everyone. They are lovable and they have attention , they always have back up. But we lived with different environment, which makes us a different person.

Sometimes I want to laugh at the simplest joke, but inside I find lots of things to worry about- I just don’t crack. Sometimes I want to smile to everyone and share the warmth, but we all know how smile can bring hope to other people . Especially those who need it. I am just trying not to give people the false hope, because I do not want to break any hearts.

Wait the minute, but having hope is what keeps us alive. I mean when you drown, you would grab anything even the lightest straw. Tiny little hopes keeps people to stay alive. Nobody is drowning here I am just making a statement. 

I can still recall when I finally begin to accept myself “You know what, I guess it’s okay to laugh and smile”. Allah took that person away. But I didn’t stop smiling, I still have hopes. I hope I’ll meet them again in the future. I Hope I’ll get a wedding invitation. Eh? HAHAHAHAHA random.

Everything ever happen was meant to teach me something , so it’s okay.

Be confident and independent. Thank you.




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